India and her Indianness since time immemorial has enthralled the entire world by her spiritual approach towards life. Today her Aura stands bruised by avaricious actions. In the pursuit of more, her values and time tested traditions are undergoing an irreversible change for the worse. Every individual has positioned oneself on the starting block, with a singular aim to rise above the other. The means adopted is inconsequential.

This aspiration of many has been astutely captured by the few. Private institutions have mushroomed unfettered across the length and breadth of the country, promising myriad of possibilities to the gullible students and parents alike. With hardly any check and balance on primary requisites of basic infrastructure and experienced faculty, the employability of these students is left to one’s imagination. To add fat to fire, reservation in seats has created an Enormous Knowledge Divide. While desired skill sets coupled with communication skills define the employability in corporate jobs, vacancies in the Government sector arises mainly on retirement. With automation obliterating physical human presence, the importance of Skill Set cannot be refuted. The present situation is unique. We have youths with fascinating degree, but their employability is questionable. With tens of thousand graduates being churned out by these factory like institutions each year, serpentine queues knocking on each available opportunity have increased by the day.

It has become increasingly imperative to define Intelligent Quotient criteria for each profession. Today more than ever before, the country needs to project as a Five Year Plan, her requirement in all the areas ranging from Janitors to Engineers, Doctors to Lawyers, Accountants to Managers. We can emulate the armed forces wherein specific intake is projected each year. Unless we arrest the flow of graduates each year and have limited institutions addressing the specific talent, the situation remains grim. The mad rush for the coveted degree has to stop, so as to save our future slipping into oblivion.