There is much truth in century old comment by an eminent Justice that ‘ If the broad light of the day could be let in upon men’s action, it would purify them as the sun disinfects’. The past few months saw the world at large, on a precipitous fall with no end in sight. Baring a few instances worth a mention, the global world is viciously seized by an invisible enemy, which is slowly but surely snuffing her life. COVID has struck with her lethal venom at the world’s most vulnerable organ- Economy.

The onslaught of the virus is unprecedented. A substantial section of population worldwide has been affected by it and many of them lost their lives. The world downed her shutters with a hope to contain the pandemic, oblivious to the fact that a different kind of panic awaits them – A Shattered Economy. Lockdown, given the urgency of the situation was imperative. But the strain on livelihood is evident and is assuming horrendous proportion. A tug of war between economic revival and containment has begun, both sides deeply uncomfortable with the idea of pluralism, an essential hallmark of liberal democracy.

There can be no denying that addressing an issue as complex as this would require constant engagement, improvisation and monitoring at periodic intervals. A short, medium and long term goal with advisory notes need to be defined and put in motion. It is a fact that changing the mindset’s to adjust to this new normal poses a unique challenge. Hence, in these desperate times, intolerable choices are bound to be made. There is no crystal ball gazing nor is there a silver bullet that may be bit upon. At best, the choices made here may broadly border on ensuring balanced dissatisfaction. Sooner we make peace with this crisis and embrace it as a part of our life albeit with precautions, better prepared we would be to deal with it. Both risks and benefits are well known. It means that we need to walk on two legs – adjusting the negotiated positions to reflect the changed circumstances with neither side emerging completely victorious over the other. Therefore, we need to negotiate from a position of strength which would come from working proactively towards providing enhanced healthcare and at the same time seize every opportunity for sustainable growth. The path of straddling the two worlds is not easy and is fraught with tough choices – Choices that we are doomed to make and each choice may entail an irreparable loss. However, one thing is certain – each step in the right direction will bring us closer to a New World of Freedom.

Kindly note – the views expressed are personal and has no bearing on others.


Something is happening in our Nation, something is happening in our world. And as I stand taking a panoramic view of this broken world of humanity as a whole, her listless eyes bores back with an uncanny heaviness that would cause a flutter in the heart of an effervescent personality.

Inspite of the magnificence of the magical sunrises and sunsets that we experience in this lockdown, the world today is all messed up. The nation is sick gripped with trouble and confusion all around. However, I thank my God and am happy to live in this period. An odd statement to make, but then it is a time that while we are forced and pinned down, we have risen united to combat this invisible enemy. And while doing so, we have the grace to accept the new normal of living.

It is a time when we have for once raised hope for a better future by shunning negative protests and negative arguments, by choosing non-violence over violence, existence over non-existence. We have finally freed ourselves from all things that we as mankind abhor. It is a time when we have realised that happiness lies abound in essential things and simple living.

It is the most defining century wherein we have shed our differences, our caste, colour, creed and have willingly stood together. It is a beautiful time to be breathing in a space where we are blessed to see the Almighty in the form COVID Warriors – Medical staff, Policemen, Sanitation workers and those small grocery shops whom we used to neglect in this E-commerce age. They risk their lives fully aware of the consequences, driven by the only question – if they do not offer to help, what would happen to the needy! In this trying times, they have risen as God’s Apostles and paid reverence to our ancestors and our Holy scriptures, stopping by as the Good Samaritan extending all possible help. And it is in this engaging moment, we are allowed to be a witness to what is unfolding and be a part of this great period of history.

There was a time when a ‘Sneeze‘ was responded with ‘God Bless‘ and now, the same action brings forth an alarming reaction akin to a pandemic. It is this chasm that we need to overcome fast before we sink into a relative obscurity.

The strength and faith that we repose in ourselves is unwavering. This too shall pass. Do remember – we are at the bottom of a ravine and the only way to go is – Up.

Stay Safe, Stay United.


It was by sheer chance that I witnessed a wonderful sight on a busy road which took me back in time. A school van, a regular feature that one encounters while driving to the workplace. But that day, this ordinary school van laughed at me in a sarcastic manner. I saw this van transporting these beautiful special children to their school. What struck me was their smiles and their unassuming mannerism. Not a single child was showcasing their expensive things, neither had they carved a group among themselves. It was like each child in its little way was trying to make the other happy and comfortable. There was no monitor, no teacher who was trying to silence this fun-filled chaos. And when the van arrived at her destination, they all, one by one, stumbled out of the van, albeit with a little help, in a single column, without any haste and antics walked the remaining twenty meters to the school gate. Out of curiosity, I went to meet the principal of the school. After a small conversation, he took me around the classroom. The sight was truly amazing. No child was clamouring over the other. There was noise but the sound was pleasing to ears. Some children strutting up and down with a book, others merrily laughing at his antics. The laughter was truly infectious. The teachers too mingled with them shedding all inhibitions. The teachers had finally discovered the child in them which otherwise had been repressed in their adult frame. The school annual day function photographs were a sight to behold. The joy on the faces of the parents watching their child perform, no words can describe. This expression of happiness was not limited to their child alone but was for all those present.

Is there a lesson to be learnt in this brief episode! Yes, very much. We, who see ourselves as normal have since our childhood built walls around us. Whom should we talk, whom to interact. Not to mention jealousy at each stage. Be it an annual day function or the workplace at a later phase, we exist merely to outdo the other. A child is nothing but a reflection of thoughts of elders, both at home and at school. And from the word go, we have been told to out perform.

The one thing that matters in life is Happiness. Parents need to be a constant companion, spend some quality time with the child. Parents of these special children ensure one thing and that is to take them out for a stroll. But in our case it is mostly the maid or a caretaker who does this important function. We need to take some time out of our schedule to attend to our children emotional needs. The world would definitely be a better place with these humble beginnings.


It is said that Harivansh Rai Bachchan, a name synonyms with Hindi literature, had never tasted alcohol and yet his well acclaimed poem Madhushala never fails to intoxicate the soul of aspiring poets. The following poem embarks us on a literary flight and land us softly into the vastness of this enchanting dialect, a language fit for the Maharajas.

मैं हिन्दी हूँ ।।

मैं सूरदास की दृष्टि बनी

तुलसी हित चिन्मय सृष्टि बनी

मैं मीरा के पद की मिठास

रसखान के नैनो की उजास

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

मैं सूर्यकांत की अनामिका

मैं पन्त की गुंजन पल्लव हूँ

मैं हूँ प्रसाद की कामायनी

मैं ही कबीरा की हूँ बानी

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

खुसरो की इश्क़ मज़ाज़ी हूँ

मैं धनानंद की हूँ सुजान

मैंही रसखान की रस की खान

मैं ही भारतेन्दु का रूप महान

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

हरिवंश की हूँ मैं मधुशाला

ब्रज, अवधी, मगही की हाला

अज्ञेय मेरे है भ्ग्य्न्दूत

नागार्जुन की हूँ युगधरा

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

मैंदेव की मधुरिम रस विलास

मैं महादेवी की विरह प्यास

मैं ही सुभद्रा का ओज गीत

भारत के कण-कण मैं वास

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

मैं विश्व पटल पर मान्य बनी

मैं जगद गुरु अभिज्ञान बनी

मैं भारत माँकी प्राणवायु

मैं आर्यावर्त अभिधान बनी

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

मैं आन बान और शान बनूँ

मैं राष्ट्र का गौरव मान बनूँ

यह दो तुम मुझको वचन आज

मैं तुम सबकी पहचान बनूँ

मैं हिन्दी हूँ

हिन्दी दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ 🙏🙏🙏🙏


WordPress congratulated me on receiving 100 likes. I am just 14 Blogs old and this achievement I owe to you all – my dear friends whom I consider as an extended family. I am humbled by your enthusiastic support and profusely thank each one of you. Your blogs remain an inspiration to me.

Thank you for being there.


Inflation, muted growth, salary cuts, layoffs, these dreadful words have known to devastate a life like none other. The scare, the hollowness that a pink slip brings forth in both young and old is unfathomable. Is there a way to turn away these blues!

Nothing has ever come out of worrying. On other end, acceptance brings clarity and a sea of opportunity which otherwise were clouded by gloominess. One may do well to take this setback as an Extended Holiday to do things which one had always wished for. An unplanned break it is, but do make it count till it lasts. Spend time with near and dear one’s, cultivate new hobbies or revive the earlier ones, attempt all those things that would help to regain confidence and bring forth positive thoughts. It is easier said than done, but then, is there any other alternative! By following this path, there is a possibility to encounter happiness abound. Helplessness and depression are pushed away into oblivion.

Positive thoughts creates ripples within, a catalyst responsible to bring a sea change in approach towards life. Layoffs can be seen as an opportunity to hone one’s skills, to accumulate valuable experiences which may open new avenues. Remember, when the darkness is at its extreme, it only means that the light at the end of the tunnel is not very far. It may also happen that the world may witness the birth of an Entrepreneur. Who knows!

To all those out there, there is so much beyond these silly layoffs. Life is exciting and has wonderful things to offer. All of it for those who dream to achieve.


Our generation is still wrapped in old school of thoughts and reasonably so find it difficult to understand the present youth. I firmly believe that they must be given their space but a mid course correction would help them in defining their path. Liberty, freedom unless governed by vigilant eyes would ruin a story even before it starts unfolding. Guidance and effective communication from elders certainly would make a difference. Like an observant Captain who steps in time to steer his ship on course.

In my letter, I have tried to balance between the old and new. In this process, I sincerely hope that few suggestion and direction from you all experienced people be shared to make it more complete.

Dear Abhimanyu, Nupur,

Now that you both step into college life and are energised to begin this academic year, remember that Papa and Mummy are always with you, so do not worry about anything. Just be Bold and Fearless. Do not let the fear of not being good or perfect worry you. Give your Best. However, remember few things;

Things To Worry About

Worry about Courage

Worry about Efficiency

Worry about Cleanliness

Worry about Health

Things Not To Worry About

Do not worry about what Friends say

Do not worry about your Friends getting ahead of you

Do not worry about Phones and games

Do not worry about Winning in studies or computer games

Do not worry about how you have performed in the past

Do not worry about what is there in Future for you

Do not worry about Failures unless it is due to your laziness

Do not worry about mosquitoes and flies

Do not worry about your fighting parents

Do not worry about your foolish sister and fight with her

Do not worry about your stupid brother and hit him

Do not worry about Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Do not worry about a good T-shirt or a good slip on

Do not worry about a Bad day

Do not worry about Good life. If you work towards your goal, you will get it

Things To Think and Work For

What is my Aim

Am I working hard to achieve my Goal or only daydreaming

Did I make a list on how to achieve my Aim

Are my friends a positive influence in my life!

Am I working hard for attaining scholarships

Are my teachers happy with my performance. If not, am I working hard to gain their Trust and Confidence

God has blessed me with good health, great intelligence, good habits, wonderful parents, amazing talents. Am I using them to be a good person or Am I cheating God and Myself and My Parents.

Remember to be humble in all walks of life. Work hard to be a good citizen that your Country, your Parents, The Almighty is proud of you.


Have we evolved since the day we took our first breath! Of course, we have made great technological advances, we have made monumental discoveries which lead to progress of mankind. Yes, we can say that. Besides the luxuries and ease of functionalities that these offer, have we evolved as a human. Many of us would be silent, while others would choose to remain so. It is like we have moved in age whilst remaining frozen in our thoughts.

An interesting religious phenomena is observed in one of the famous temple in Kancheepuram located at outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The statue of the deity, after a gap of 40 years is brought out from the temple lake where it had been immersed by the High Priest in 17 century to protect it from marauders. Sacred rituals are performed and the deity is worshipped for 48 days before being immersed into the lake again. Tens of thousands of devotees from various parts of the country throng to this Temple town to have a glimpse of the Lord. A lifetime experience, it is told. On the other hand, a harrowing time for the administration.

For a moment if we step aside and look beyond the realms of faith, a question does arise! Do these devotees miss their Creator? Have they come to pay their Homage! But then, is it not true that the Almighty resides within each one of us and has always been a constant companion to us. A kind act, a noble thought brings us closer to our Creator. Inspite of this knowledge, we have let ourselves to be swayed by superstitious beliefs. The constant fear of losing something, our quest for self-worth has bifurcated us into religious identities. It seems, of late our conflicting actions must be the greatest puzzle encountered by the Almighty.


The first ray of sunshine brings in hope while the moonlight calm ushers in happiness. Both complementing each other and somewhere in the midst is our human life competing hard for success, struggling for that eternal bliss. A handful realise their dream whereas the majority asunder with the first scorching heat of the noon. If life has presented each human being with opportunities, then why have many a great future been stifled before its first breath. Who is to be blamed!

As unique as we are in our appearances, so are we in our hope, desires and talents. Everything resides within us-fear, helplessness, insecurity but the most important factor is the Will to overcome these limitations. However, we become frigid in face of adversities. We have pushed ourselves into the world of mediocrity. A little shift from our comfort zone makes us insecure and we let our fears overcome us. We begin our lives with stars in our eyes but unfortunately bail ourselves out to commitments or to some flimsy reasons. The only impediment to your aspirations is YOU. If the dreams could not be realised, the reason is YOU chose to become a Full Stop to your life.

The Almighty has created each one us to lead a legendary life. How we utilise life’s opportunities defines us. The path to one’s dreams is arduous, fraught with many failures. It was never meant to be easy. Nothing comes by accident. The failures are meant to prepare us for the final ascent. Remember, our inherent genius will expand to its fullest potential with each challenging task. Our most difficult spot is also the place where our biggest opportunity lies. And it is at this most distressful moment that we must not give up but continue to forge ahead with the greatest of vigour and enthusiasm. What can be more satisfying, more sweet than this struggle against our failings, to rise above our frailties, with the firm knowledge that we had given our best shot and that we refused to be known as a timid who did not the difference between victory and defeat. Life is too short to be belittled by small dreams. And when we achieve our dreams in the face of adversities, we will then say with pride – Hard is Good.


Life as we see it and Life as an experience are entirely two different things. The vast chasm that exists between these two and the relentlessकि effort to bridge this gap illustrates the tussle in life. The beauty of life exists in this dichotomy. Any achievement or the path to success demands certain sacrifices. This dilemma of choices is beautifully explained in this poem. The balance between the haves and haves not is probably the essence of life. Life eventually is all about choices that one makes.

आगें सफ़र था और पीछे हमसफ़र था..

रुकते तो सफ़र छूट जाता और चलते तो हमसफ़र..

मंज़िल की भी हसरत थी और उनसे भी मोहब्बत थी..

ए दिल तू ही बता, उस वक़्त मैं कहाँ जाता..

मूढ़त का सफ़र भी था और बरसो का हमसफ़र भी था..

रुकते तो बिछड़ जाते और चलते तो बिखर जाते..

यूँ समझ लो,

प्यास लगी थी ग़ज़ब की, मगर पानी मैं ज़हर था..

पिते तो मर जाते और ना पीते तो भी मर जाते..

बस यही दो मसले, ज़िंदगी भर ना हल हुए!!!

ना नींद पूरी हुई, ना ख़्वाब मुकम्मल हुए..

वक़त ने कहा… काश थोड़ा और सब्र होता!!!

सब्र ने कहा… काश थोड़ा और वक़त होता!!!

सुबह सुबह उठना पड़ता है कमाने के लिए साहेब..

आराम कमाने निकलता हूँ, आराम छोड़कर!!!

“हुनर सड़कों पर तमाशा करता है

और क़िस्मत महलों मैं राज करती है..”

शिकायतें तो बहुत है तुझसे ऐ ज़िन्दगी,

पर चुप ईसलिये हु की, जो दिया तूने,

वो भी बहुत को नसीब नहीं होता..

अजीब सौदागर है ये वक़त भी!!!

जवानी का लालच दे के बचपन ले गया..

अब अमीरी की लालच दे के जवानी ले जाएगा..

लौट आता हूँ वापस घर की तरफ़, हर रोज़ थका-हार..

आज तक समज नहीं आया

की जीन के लिए काम करता हुँ..

या काम करने के लिए जिता हुँ!!

बचपन में सबसे अधिक बार पूछा गया सवाल –

“बड़ें होकर क्या बनना है?”

जवाब अब मिला है-फिर से बच्चा बनना हैं..

“थक गया हूँ तेरी नौकरी से ऐ ज़िंदगी

मूनासिब होगा मेरा हिसाब कर दे…”

दोस्तों से बिछड़ कर यह हक़ीक़त खुली..

बेसक, कमीने थे पर रौनक़ उन्ही से थी !!

भरी जेब ने ‘ दुनिया ‘ की पहचान करवाई

और ख़ाली जेब ने ‘ अपनो ‘ की..

जब लगे पैसे कमाने, तो समज आया,

शोक तो माँ-बाप के पैसों से पूरे होते थे,

अपने पैसों से तो सिर्फ़ ज़रूरतें पूरी होती है..

दुनिया के बड़े से बड़े साययंटिस्ट ये ढूँढ रहे है,

की मंगल ग्रह में पानी है या नहीं,

पर आदमी ये नहीं ढूँढ रहा

की जीवन में मंगल है या नहीं ।

हसने की ईच्छा ना हो..

तो भी हसना पड़ता है..

कोई जब पूछे कैसे हो

तो मज़े में हूँ कहना पड़ता है..

“माचीस की ज़रूरत यहाँ नहीं पड़ती..

यहाँ आदमी आदमी से जलता है..”

ये ज़िंदगी का रंगमंच है दोस्तों..

यहाँ हर एक को नाटक करना पड़ता है..